An Unique Booklet: Bapu and Priyadarshini

\"\"By Hiren M Zaveri

A private booklet has been prepared  on \”BAPU and  PRIYADARSHINI\” with Date and Place Cancellation by Anurag Vajpeyi and Anil Kr Pujara. Definitive stamps of Bapu are cancelled with Permanent Pictorial Cancellation of Birth Day of Bapu i.e. 02.10.10 from \’\’Gandhi Ashram\’\’ and definitive stamps of Indira Gandhi are cancelled with date cancellation of her Birth Day i.e. 19.11.10 from GPO  Allahabad. Memorable qoutes of Bapu along with introduction as to how Indira got the name of Priya Darshini are detailedb in the booklet.

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2 Responses to An Unique Booklet: Bapu and Priyadarshini

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Congratlations S/Shri Hiren Zaveri, Anurag Vajpayee and Anil Pujara. Hope this will be a valuable addition on Mahatma Gandhi and Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

  2. N.A. Mirza says:

    October 02, 2012
    Dear S/s Anurag and Pujara Saheb:
    Today is Gandhi Jayanti and I was expecting something from you as you both are few of those who remember events very well, detail them by highlighting them with definitives, commemoratives, fdcs & brochures. Perhaps a tight schedule may not have permitted you to do this.

    In one of the dailies today here I read that our former President Shri Abdul Kalam will unveil today Gandhi statue and dedicate the Gandhi memorial. built by the Kerala Samajam, an organization of Americal Malayalees, at Falcon Lia Park in Florida city. Its again a valuable addition on the Mahatma.
    With my best regards
    N.A. Mirza

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