Denmark-Iceland Joint Stamp Issue on Manuscripts

\"denmarkA strongbox at the Department of Nordic Research at the University of Copenhagen contains manuscripts from the Arnamag- næan Manuscript Collection which was established by the Icelandic philologist and historian Árni Magnússon (1663-1730). Icelandic sagas and Skaldic poems, historical tales in Latin, Denmark’s ancient provincial laws, Danish prayer books from the Middle Ages and legends about holy men and women are just some of the texts which are found in this priceless collection, which in 2009 was included in the Memory of the World Register, UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage of universal value.

\"icelandÁrni Magnússon’s collection is housed at the Department of Nordic Research and at the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies in Copenhagen and Reykjavik, respectively, which are each responsible for preserving, disseminating and publishing the collection. To highlight the riches contained in the manuscripts, Post Danmark and Iceland Post have together issued two stamps with motifs from a Danish and an Icelandic manuscript.

Issue Date: 30.08.2014 Designer: Post Danmark Stamps/ Jakob Monefeldt  Printer: Intaglio/Offset Process: Offset Colours: Two-Colour, Intaglio/ Three-Colour Offset (DKK 9.00) & Two-Colour Intaglio : 26.5 X 49.1 MM

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