Special Cover Released on Agarwal Club Pune

\"specialBy Suresh Rao

A Special cover was released from Pune to commemorate silver jubilee of Agarwal Club Pune on 5th October 2014.

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One Response to Special Cover Released on Agarwal Club Pune

  1. g. ramkumar says:

    it is no wonder that in each region in india related to philately a special cancellation cover is released for one reason or other more frequently but the mode to obtain the same is very difficult because the reason is the release of the said cover is in consideration with the regional philatelic postal department only which is released with a minimum number of issues so it is hard to get unless the person having an account for the same in the specified philatelic bureau further it will not be possible to have an account through out india for a special cancellation cover unless and untill if there is a friend who can help regarding this. it is my personal view.

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