New Stamps from Isle of Man

 Issued Stamps on Guild of Silk Painters Town Banners

\"iomThis miniature sheet showcases silk banners portraying the Island\’s heritage sites, buildings and activities unique to each area painted by members of The Isle of Man Guild of Silk Painters. They were created for The Celtic Kingdom Festival of Silk 2013 when the Island\’s Guild hosted the bi-annual festival. The design and painting of the town banners were undertaken by seven of the Guild\’s artists.

Hilary Bruce designed the Laxey banner around the Laxey Wheel,\” The Lady Isabella\” and sought to incorporate a salmon in the picture for the old norse \”Laxa\” meaning Salmon River whereas Jean Buck designed Port Erin\’s banner to add life to the tower at Bradda Head with a chough flying overhead. Ann Cannell chose Castletown topping her design with a crown over Castle Rushen.

Issue Date: 23.10.2014 Designer: EJC Design Printer: LM Group Process: Offset Lithography Colours: 4 Colours Size: 42mm x 28mm

The Snowman™ and The Snowdog

The sequel to the Snowman, The Snowman and the Snowdog, reunites viewers with the beloved Snowman in a brand new adventure with a new set of friends, and marks the 30th Anniversary of the original. This set of six stamps capture the famous English Illustrators magic and excitement of the scenes from the snowman\’s acclaimed sequel which was originally aired in 2012.\"iom

The stamps reflect Raymond Briggs\’ signature style and pastel shades of The Snowman and the Snowdog. The featured colour palettes make a perfect Christmas edition to adorn an outgoing Christmas card, as well as making the perfect Christmas gift. The stamps include images of Father Christmas, The Snowdog and the Snowman and of course Billy – the boy that brings both The Snowman and the Snowdog to life. The stamps are available in a presentation pack, first day cover or as mint set in addition to sheets of 25 gummed and self-adhesive stamps.

Issue Date: 23.10.2014 Printer: Cartor Process: Offset Lithography Size: 32.32 x 26mm Values: 42p, 75p, 90p, £1.21, £2.21

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