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Christmas 2014- Emma’s Little Christmas Dream

Emma’s Little Christmas dream\"aland

The 2014 Christmas stamp is almost a fairy tale image of Little Christmas. The Christmas atmosphere comes to life with white snow, welcoming and warming lights and rosy cheeks. A parent holding a child’s hand visits the Jan Karlsgården Christmas fair. Emelie Hage’s image of Little Christmas has the shimmer of nostalgia.

Issue Date: 09.10.2014 Designer: Emelie Hage Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 40 x 30mm

Christmas Seals 2014

\"alandChristmas seals in support of defibrillators.Call 112, perform CPR and use a defibrillator until the medical team arrives. A few simple steps can save lives when someone has a sudden cardiac arrest.Åland Post donates the profits from this year’s sale of Christmas seals to help increase the number of defibrillators in Åland.

Åland Post’s 2014 Christmas seal donation supports the Åland Defibrillator Project that aims at increasing the knowledge of and improving public access to defibrillators. Initiators of the project are the three associations Folkhälsan in Åland (non-governmental organization in the social welfare and health care sector), Vårt Hjärta (cardiovascular diseases) and Red Cross – Åland district.

“In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, you have 10 minutes to act at best. Theambulance doesn’t always arrive in time, particularly not in Åland which is divided by a cobweb of water,” project administrator Gunilla G. Nordlund says. Anyone may suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, men and women of all ages alike. The use of defibrillator combined with CPR saves lives. Anyone can use a defibrillator. It tells you what to do and registers the cardiac activity of the patient, administering electric shocks to the heart to make it start beating again. Since the start in April 2013, the Åland Defibrillator Project has created a record of defibrillator locations which is also registered at the public-safety answering point.

Behind this year’s Christmas seals we see artist Emelie Hage who has featured four different types of marketers at the Jan Karlsgården Little Christmas fair. The choice to support the Åland Defibrillator Project was easy for Åland Post. “There was a concrete purpose – to purchase a number of defibrillators to increase public access hence safeguarding more lives,” says Anita Häggblom, director of Åland Post Stamps.The donation deriving from the sale of Christmas seals will be directly invested in defibrillators. “We can mention many places where defibrillators are needed. This donation is a valuable support in this purpose,” Gunilla G. Nordlund says.

Issue Date: 09.10.2014 Designer: Emelie Hage Printer: Newprint Colours: 4 Colours Size: 23 x 26mm

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