Schoolpex 2014:Jaipur

\"hawamahalDear All

We are pleased to inform you that 18th Interschool Stamp Exhibition , Schoolpex 2014 is being organized on 17th-18th Oct 2014 at St Xavier\’s School , Jaipur. It is only Stamp Exhibition in the world which is conducted annually exclusively for school students uninterrupted since last 17 years. The 100 Frame exhibition will have Stamp Collection Display as well as many activities including Letter writing Competition , Stamp Quiz Competition , Philately Seminar , Dealer\’s Stall , PSR meeting and release of Special \’MY Stamp\’ specially made for the occasion in special MY Stamp Holders. India Posts , Rajasthan Circle will also have its counter and facility of Mobile MY Stamp Van at venue. The invitation card for exhibition is as attached and we invite you and await your arrival to see the wonderful world of stamps in Schoolpex 2014.

Thank you with regards

Rajesh Paharia

General Secretary-Philatelic Society of Rajasthan

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