Philatelic Society of Delhi Released Special Covers

\"delhiBy Anil Kr Pujara

In order to promote Philatelic Activities of the Society, Philatelic Society of Delhi introduced Four Special Day Cancellation Covers, which were issued on 27.09.14, during the Stamp World 2014, these covers were only available during the show, and at the end of the show all the covers which were left with the society, was destroyed. ONLY 40 Sets were given away to members who had donated during the number, and as all the Covers where Numbered, there is Provenance List would be introduced on the website to honour the people who have got these sets.These covers have only emotional value, and are completely Philatelic, the themes include (a) Cancellation (b) High Value Stamps (c) Monuments of Delhi (Seasons Greetings) (d) Gandhi.

 Mohan Guptaji, the chief guest had released the covers during the show, and all the covers which were destroyed where audited in front of all the public (all pictures) are included in this writeup.

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5 Responses to Philatelic Society of Delhi Released Special Covers

  1. vijay seth says:

    what is the purpose of these envelopes, just to satisfy personal egos???????


    I am glad to know that all the unsold covers at the end of the day were destroyed. All traders should be delighted and thankful for this act of the Society. I hope all the Societies will follow this example and encourage the traders to buy hoard and sell later at huge premium. Now atleast in India Philately is almost dead. The credit goes to our esteemed department of posts. By issuing the commemorative stamps at higher value it is now beyond the reach of ordinary people and school children. As I learn from the many Bureaux number of defaulters among account holders are increasing. It is because of the high face value of the stamps and Miniatures/Souvenir sheets. Because of the high value traders can hoard stamps of more value, in less space. Later at their convenience they can be sold at premium. It is a kind of laundering the black money. ie cleaning black to white. Probably this is part of Clean India programme. Thanks for the Delhi Philatelic Society to be a forerunner in the Clean India Programme. However it is next only to our esteemed Department of Posts. May the soul of Philately rest in peace.

    • Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal says:

      PSOD has not done any charity. They have sold these Envelopes ( Set of 4 Envelopes) at an Exorbitant price of Rs. 1800/- for the Set of Four Envelopes and they have sold 100 sets. Eack set costs Rs. 40/- and they have made Rs. 1,80,000/-.That is why remaining were torn so that no one else makes money.

      • R.PURUSHOTHAMAN says:

        If this is the affair of the Delhi Philatelic Society there is nothing to tell about the way the philately is heading to in India. Now no decent person should identify himself as philatelist in India. It seems the Society has beaten India Post in laying the Philately to its grave. RIP to Philately in India!

  3. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal says:

    The envelopes shown here are Personal Envelopes released by the Philatelic Society of Delhi themselves without the Permission and Involvement of India Post. No delivery address has been mentioned on these envelopes, so the question arises that how and with whose permission these envelopes has been cancelled and date stamped? The total process involved in releasing these Envelopes was a mockery on the total process of issuing a SPECIAL COVER by India Post.

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