Netherland Issued Stamps on Dance Artists

\"netherlandNetherland issued a set of stamps on 6th October 2014 on famous dance artists  on the occasion of  the Amsterdam Dance Event.   “PostNL is the heart of society, so we like to bring stamps that meet everyone’s perceptions – we are proud that we can honour these heroes in dance!” she said.The designers of the stamps, Mark Klaverstijn and Paul du Bois-Reymond, who will also be present during the event, explained their decision to feature these artists in this unique way. “For us it was immediately clear that the festive atmosphere of a dance event was leading, allowing us to be colourful with the stamps and for the portraits of the DJs take centre stage”.

The stamps will also feature an invisible code, that can be scanned with the Cee App (available for free download in the App Store or Google Play Store), and unlock five excerpts of the artist’s latest tracks.

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