Special Cover :Guntur

By Anil Kr Pujara

A two days Numismatic n  Philatelic exhibition was organized at Guntur by Guntur Numismatics n Philatelic Society from 5th Sep.2014 to 6th Sep. 2014.We got the news that 2 special covers are being released with the approval of Office of Chief Post Master General , Andhra Pradesh..Subsequently we got the image also of each cover. The covers released are

1    Shaik Nazar n Gurram Jashuva                      on 5th Sep. 2014 noAP/12/2014

2     Chakarvarthi (Kommineni Appa Rao)            on 6th Sep  2014 no AP/13/2014

 \"specialIn my anxiety to complete my collection of special covers of 2014 also, I contacted the authorities n sent the mone order. Yesterday, I was very pleased to get a packet  from Guntur.I was happy till I opened the packet. After opening the packet what i received is amazing. I am sharing the images below. When I contacted the Authorities as to Y these covers are not cancelled, they expressed their ignorence about the cancellation. The reply was Were these to be cancelled too?  Then they said that cancellation is not with them as the catchet has been taken away by Authorities from Viyawada. When I contacted Vijaywada authorities, I was given the reply that they had nothing to do with the cantchet nor they have got. It is withGuntur only.  When again I contacted Guntur authorities, the reply given was amazing. Why they should cancel the covers now.

The covers were released by Guntur Numismatic n Philatelic Society n the catchet is with the society.The society cancelled the covers on the day of release n took the catchet. They have the spl covers only in limited no n they have fixed postage stamp thats all that they can do. If the covers are required u may keep or else return the covers n the money will be refunded. The telephone call was disconnected abruptly. My problem is I am not getting the answer as to whether

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2 Responses to Special Cover :Guntur

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Oh, What a joke! Such people are curse on our bureaucracy. The reply from the authorised official: “Were these to be cancelled too” and later the question: “Why they should cancel the covers now” is shameful.

  2. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    These type of Special covers collection is seer waste of money. Neither they are of any theme nor printed with attraction. I will not collect such types of covers if available free of cost with cancellation. If such covers will be issued than God save the hobby.

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