Singapore:1.4 Million Households to Receive Free Stamps

\"singaporeWith postage rates set to increase on Oct 1, SingPost announced that it will distribute about 10 million 1st Local stamps, as well as a guide on how to avoid delays in delivery.Ahead of an increase in postage rates, about 10 million stamps will be given out to around 1.4 million households in Singapore, SingPost announced on Tuesday (Sep 23).The stamps in the booklet, now being delivered by SingPost’s 1,200 delivery staff, are 1st Local stamps, which take the prevailing postage rate of 30 cents from Oct 1.

SingPost – which revealed that the average Singaporean posts just six letters or cards a year – said it will also distribute free stamps to more than 130 charity homes for the elderly, young, disabled and other residential facilities. Each charity home will receive between 100 and 300 stamp booklets. 

On Tuesday, SingPost also announced that all franked mail customers will enjoy a 5 per cent rebate for a year from this October until Sep 30, 2015.Along with the free stamp booklet, SingPost said it is also distributing a mailing guide, which will feature tips to help customers avoid delays in delivery or non-delivery, through a mailing guide. On a daily basis, about 14,000 letters or packets are not deliverable due to factors such as having an incomplete, incorrect or missing address, or illegible handwriting.

The mailing guide contains information such as the delivery standard for non-letters (three to five working days), as well as mailing and packaging tips such as using good quality packaging materials, and ensuring that the address is correct and complete and with a return address on the back of the envelope etc.

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  1. Hemant Kulkarni, USA says:

    …….great way to fool Singapore residents, probably not knowing there is nothing for free in life. Just what does it mean by price increase is cometh?

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