New Slovakian Stamps

Slovakia’s Architecture

\"slovakiaSlovakia has released a stamp on 19th September 2014 depicting the beauty of its architecture. The theme of this issue is a gorgeous Wedding Palace. The Wedding Palace in Bytča is generally viewed as one of the most significant late Renaissance buildings in the Kingdom of Hungary.

It draws one’s attention through its specific function and crucial position in the political and educational life of the client.

Father of Nation:Andrej Hlinka

 Slovakia will issue a stamp dedicated to Andrej Hlinka on 26th September 2014. The\"slovakia stamp is part of series “Personalities”.

Andrej Hlinka was a  politician and  priest.He was the leader of the Slovak People’s Party.  After the fall of Communism, Hlinka became again a respected person, mostly to nationalist sympathizers and to Christian democratic organizations, while the rest of current Slovak society seems mostly indifferent towards Hlinka’s memory.

Hlinka’s image could be found on the Slovak 1000-crown banknote, before Slovakia’s adoption of the  Euro in 2009.

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