UNPA :Taj Mahal Stamps

You are among many from India who had shown interest in this Philately items. I, have now received them and would invite you to send me your precise requirement of the items you may still be interested in purchasing in Indian currency at their face value and at the exchange rate disclosed earlier. I\’ll then send all the items to my friend in Mumbai as a combined shipment who would individually ship each consignment to you -probably by speed post upon receiving a pre-payment in the form of a personal check in his name. I shall provide such details once you respond to this e.mail without a need for me to go back and forth for you not being precise in your requirement and the estimated amount due. Here\’s a chance for you also to add to or delete from any item(s) you had previously intimated as a requirement. In short, be precise in your response for amounts due and shipping address, phone no details (even if informed to me earlier). I, however would gladly update on anything you may not know to arrive at what I\’m expecting from your response.It\’s been quite a while since I contacted you -hence your interest may no longer exist and I can understand it. However, please note that I received these items from UNPA after more than month and half since pre-paying them in full. I\’ve more than 100 such requests -hence there is already enough for me to handle.Thank you for the understanding!


Hemant V Kulkarni ,USA

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7 Responses to UNPA :Taj Mahal Stamps

  1. Rakesh says:

    I am interested to buy Tajmahal and other Philatly items I have not seen
    Your previous mails and prices can u send me all the details.

  2. PHILACOIN says:

    Required 2 Two tajmahal stamps ,at pune.

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    Dear Mr. Kulkarni:
    Your message is welcome. What are your contact details

  4. Rakesh says:

    Thank u very much for your reply.
    Can u mail me the list of items which are available with u for sale/exchange.
    I will be very thankful to u

  5. Dinu says:

    Dear Dr. Kulkarni,
    Thanks for your precise mail.
    I had contacted you earlier without quoting any requirement as was not aware how much I have to pay .
    On travel right now
    Please allow me 3 days and I shall send you my requirement with all detail in an excel sheet and since my budget is limited shall inform you my limit and will leave some choice to your expertise.
    Thanks for your kind patience.
    Best regards

  6. amrita says:

    Please share your contact details.

  7. g. ramkumar says:

    dear Mr.Hemant V Kulkarni ,fromUSA i am from india would like to place order for the UNPA Taj Mahal stamps if the products are available please cmmunicate through my email address and the amount payable in indian currency value and the local contact address

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