Beautiful Bookmarks by India Post

\"bookmarks\"bookmarks\"\"bookmarks\"bookmarks\"bookmarks\"bookmarks\"bookmarksBy Suresh Rao

Recently India Post Karnataka Circle brought out five sets of beautifully made bookmarks, each set containing 12 bookmarks, totaling to 60 bookmarks. The Themes are chosen thoughtfully and designed beautifully. The sets comprises of the themes –  Birds of India, Miniature paintings, Flowers and Wildlife. A perfect gift for Bookworms and definitely for Philatelists.

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5 Responses to Beautiful Bookmarks by India Post


    Excellent. Absolutely useworthy and
    fit for collection.

  2. Pushkaraj Deshpande says:

    What is the cost. How do I get it?

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    Its indeed a one of the most beautiful gifts for philatelists and the themes cover flora & fauna; art & culture & tourism which will attract both Indian for foreign tourists. Such efforts on the part of India Post is laudable and Mr. Suresh Rao deserves appreciation for informing the collectors who would want to have at least one set. But how to get them is the question.


    Imaginative product. Sensible pricing too.

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