New Stamps from Finland

Signs of the Sky

\"finlandA playful booklet of stamps depicting different signs of the sky will also be released. The booklet, containing eight 1st class self-adhesive stamps in different sizes and shapes, designed by graphic artist Nina Rintala, portray, for instance, planets, a shooting star, the sun, clouds and a rainbow. In addition to stamps, the booklet contains tens of tiny stickers to modify the postal item to your liking.

Issue Date: 08.09.2014 Designer: Nina Rintala Colours: 4 Colours

Autumn Yards

\"finlandThis year, the traditional autumnal stamps released by Itella Posti Oy will depict nostalgic Finnish yards and gardens in, for instance, Mikkeli. The stamps are the work of Urpo Martikainen, who many know as an anchorman and whose watercolors are the basis of the stamps. The self-adhesive booklet, only the size of a credit card, contains four 1st class stamps.

Issue Date: 08.09.2014 Colours: 4 Colours


\"finlandOn September 1st, Itella Posti Oy released a Dudesons-themed self-adhesive stamp booklet featuring all four Dudesons—Jarppi, Jukka, Jarno, and HP—as cartoon figures. Since it’s the Dudesons, these will be no ordinary, run-of-the-mill stamps.  You will see something quite unexpected on the stamps themselves and the events taking place around them. A special treat has also been planned for the day of the stamps’ release. Stay tuned for further information at the end of August.
The look of the stamps has been created by graphic designer Janne Korsumäki in collaboration with Rabbit Merchandising Oy. The self-adhesive booklet contains four 1st class stamps.The stamps are part of an anti-bullying campaign in schools, with the stamps depicting the Dudesons themselves as schoolchildren.

 Issue Date: 01.09.2014 Designer: Janne Korsumäki ja Rabbit Merchandising Oy Colours: 4 Colours

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