Brand Logo Error in Special Cover

\"carriedBy Zoya Mendoca

After the revelation of Vijay Kumar Jain regarding erroreneous cover of CG circle, l started to pay attention on my collection. Here is an image of special cover released during AMPEX-2013.The  special cover is titled \’Golden jubilee of Mail motor service\’ dt.25 Jan 2013.The picture on the left show brand logo of India post in two different varieties.

The picture depicts the current brand logo(adopted on 23 Sep 2008)twice but if one see the picture carefully it can be seen that the older logo is still visible on letter box shown in the picture. It means that India Post is having two different brand logos at the same time.Why so much money was spent if the officials are so adamant on using the older brand logo which became redundant after 23 September 2000.

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3 Responses to Brand Logo Error in Special Cover

  1. Pradeep says:

    The post box may not be painted after year 2000, so no chance of new logo or the picture may be old taken from google search which is very old. The problem is in desigining .. Design shall be verified by people who were not involve in design and approval process may be some fault finding competition be organised.

  2. A.K.Arunachalam says:

    Dear Mr. Zoya,

    Your coments are OK. But why doun’t you write it in a correct english giving space after the punctation marks?

  3. Zoya Mendoca says:

    Corrigendum: Please read last line as 23 September 2008 not 23 September 2000.

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