Where is My Stamp Van ?

By Anurag and Anil Kr Pujara

India Post Rajasthan Circle Jaipur with much fanfare started a mobile van to popularise \"myMy Stamp in Jaipur in this month. Much publicity was attached with this innovative n new initiative of Rajasthan Circle of India post. This van was started with a view to print My Stamp on the spot to the cutomers in different localities of Pink City. A Postal Assistant was specially trained to provide the expert service. It moved from one corner of the city to another corner covering every nook n corner of the Pink City. Citizens of this city enjoyed this initiative which brought much needed laurels to India Post.
As expected, this service worked for Six days only n the concerned Postal Assistant is withdrawn from the Van n assigned the table work in the GPO, the van is parked in open ground of Jaipur GPO n gathering dust. The clutch plates are in the bad condition n head lights are out of order. Citizens of the city are searching the Van which has provided laughing material to one n all.

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One Response to Where is My Stamp Van ?

  1. Ullas Jain says:

    My Stamp van was the brain child of DPS, JAIPUR Region.He started the project without considering the feasibility. On day one it yielded a meagre sum of Rs 900/-.With a staff of four and diesel expenses, DPS realised that this is not feasible.Both Sr.postmaster, JPGPO and Dy.postmaster, JPGPO knew it from the beginning that the idea won’t work but they supported due to their avarice of using this van for their personal purposes.

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