Japan: Postage Stamp on Fuminohi

\"japanOn July 23 it is Fuminohi Fumizuki of (Fumizuki), (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Toru Takahashi) Japan Post Corporation issued a \”postage stamp named after the Fuminohi\”.  In 1979, it is defined as \”Fuminohi\” 23 day of each month the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the time is fit grounder \”not\” and \”mi\”, \”Fuminohi\” was expanded nationwide activities to become familiar with the letter It is the beginning. As designed to be used throughout the year, I did the design and theme of the sheetlet margins and stamps plants, etc. of the four seasons that pattern of. In addition, you can make it easier to carry in a wallet or purse, etc., and fold along the perforation the sheetlet.  The, so that the cover sheet of stamps folded along the perforations, it has been printed design or the like of the pattern on the reverse side of the sheet of stamps.

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