Aland Issued Stamp on Robert Helenius

\"alandThe stamp series My Åland presents heavyweight fighter Robert Helenius in 2014. Together with his Åland partner Sandra Helsing and their three children, he now lives in Lumparland. Prior to meeting Sandra, Robert knew very little about Åland, but today he loves it and has only good things to say about his new domicile.He lives a life of sharp contrasts. Robert Helenius swings between his rolls as a father of three and an aggressive heavyweight fighter, preparation and setbacks, Lumparland and Berlin. On the My Åland stamp he is depicted together with his family on a rock in the sun. On the FDC, a knockout hangs in the air.Photographer Daniel Eriksson has shot the photos for the stamp and first day cover. Daniel met Robert both in the training facility in Berlin and together with his family in Åland to be able to illustrate both sides of the fighter; two sides that are not always so very easy to combine.

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