Romania Issued Stamps on 375 Years of The Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery

\"romaniaOn the occasion of the 375-year anniversary since the building of the Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery, and within the annual theme dedicated to Romanian Postage Stamp Day, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation an issue of postage stamps dedicated to this architectural masterpiece and spiritual monument, unique in the world.The postage stamp of the issue, with the face value of lei 14.50, illustrates the building of the Three Holy Hierarchs Church inIasi.

The souvenir sheet of the issue has special die cut on margins and illustrates the rotive in the church porch, next to a stone ornament representing the emblem of Moldavia. The postage stamp of the souvenir sheet, with the face value of lei 8.10, also presents the building of the Church.

Unique in the world, entirely carved in stone and gilded at the time of its building in 1639, the Three Holy Hierarchs Church in Iasi represents a symbolic creation of Romanian medieval art, being renowned mainly for the extraordinary stone lace-work which adorns the facades, from bottom to the top of the derricks. Experts have counted over 30 non-repeating registers of decorative motives. The exuberant decor makes the church look like a shrine or a relic-box. Moreover, the church was designed to hold the relics of Saint Mother Paraskeva.

An artistic masterpiece, the Three Holy Hierarchs Church has become part of history, being a fireplace of culture and spirituality. In 1642, the representatives of the main Orthodox branches (Greek, Slavonic and Romanian) came here to attend the inter-Orthodox Synod inIasi. Kings and patriarchs visited the holly place, showing their profound admiration for the refinement of the monument.

In fact, the church was closely linked to culture and education, renowned professors from Constantinopleand the Greek East coming here to teach during the period it was under the administration of Greek monks.

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