India Post:Stamp Issue Calendar July-November 2014

\"India-post-logo\"India Post has announced 5 more stamp issues from July to November 2014.

1.Liver Transplantation in India:July/August 2014

2.Musicians of India :August 2014

i.   Ravi Shankar
ii.  Bhimsen Joshi
iii.  D.K.Pattammal
iv.  Gangubai Hangal
v.   Kumar Gandharva
vi.  Vilayat Khan
vii.  Mallikarjun Mansur

viii. Ali Akbar Khan

3. Gaiety Theatre Complex, Shimla:August 2014

4 Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ;September 2014

5 Unit Trust of India:October/November 2014

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7 Responses to India Post:Stamp Issue Calendar July-November 2014

  1. Dinu says:

    Some news after a long time.
    thanks for informing us.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    Wish it is able to see the light of the day. As proposed issue of Musicians is hanging since previous years.


    After isuuing way too many stamps in 2013, to me
    it’s quite OK to issue some less in 2014.

    Maybe, they are holding huge inventories of unsold
    2013 issues. That’s why this restrain in 2014!

    Who knows.


    India Post suffering from bipolar disorder.

    Far too many stamps in 2013.

    Way-way too little in 2014.

    Perhaps Indiapost is carrying a huge inventory of unsold
    stamps they issued in 2013.

  5. Sumit Mishra says:

    thanks for information

  6. Dinu says:

    At least they have improved a lot. We should be happy – Modern management says look at win-win situation as like there is a stage of half lighted bulb — So let us follow with hands folded and try to see the silver lining around cloud. Chalta hai ki naam hai jindegi in India.

    Let me give my reason why I say that they have improved; and I am sure then everyone will agree – I saw the silver lining due to the fact that Lord Shiva has blessed me with his choicest brain enhancing herb during this Shiva ratri session (De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater,) and I do not want to share the herbs with you reader and therefore sharing the sheer knowledge with you via this platform

    Couple of years earlier (though not consistently) they use to publish for the whole year with dates and then going on preponing , postponing, cancelling, prematurely issuing (almost similar to a child birth to an expecting couple in modern age when Doctor predicts the tentative birth date of a child – recently techniques are there which is able to predict with greater accuracy – and I believe that successful birth of a life is in hand of God). In middle age the date of birth was filled with uncertainity – but then remember old men – we, old men always ruminate about Golden days of past (recorded by Munshi Prem Chand in Go Daan) – So We are now going back to those Golden days – Should we not be happy. Reason # 1 for telling that they have improved.

    Here also actual birth of a stamp is in hand of CGOoD (Concerned Govt officer on Duty) – Reason # 2 of my being happy.

    Reason # 3 – Lastly, they have improved due to the fact now they issue calender as and when they find time from other responsibility of carrying forward this big democracy ahead but without date to avoid Brickbats from Philatelist. So they are not giving reason of a Civil war between Philatelist and Indian Govt. officers and India turning in to many Princely states;
    (P.S Not telling the truth does not mean telling lie. )

    End note
    1. Number of states are increasing but IP is not the reason for that.
    2. Very small nations are managing better (Point) – then they are small so they can manage. (counterpoint)

    So, QED – They have improved.


    I am glad to hear that at last the set of stamps of Musicians will be released. However unless it is actually released we cannot tell anything. But one thing I am damn sure. As usual it will be a mess and no innovative or even minimal effort will be there to make it really attractive. They may issue it as a souvenir sheet as in the case of Indian Cinema or eight different sheets as in the case of Astrological signs. It will be of poor design as usual. The design of Indian stamps compared to even the smallest countries are far far away and still in the most primitive stage. In this case of Musicians they can very well issue eight different sheetlets with pictures related to the musician. Even the picture of the musicians can be drawn by professional artists instead of the sterotyped photos as in the case of Indian Cinema. The usual designers can be replaced by professional designers. But this is too much of expectation considering the tradition of India Post. All things said and done let us hope it will be released in the near future.

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