Cats and Dogs on Stamps

\"koreanEver received a letter from North Korea? Probably not, which means you’ve missed out on the animal stamps which started emerging in the 1970s. Philatelists have reported challenges gathering full collections from the DPRK, which range from cuddly cats to propaganda images of the country leaders. The North Korean state stamp bureau most recently issued a stamp to mark the World Cup despite the country failing to qualify. Here’re a few of from the animal archive

1. A stamp issued for the International Circus Festival in Monaco, 1987, carrying a Pyongyang watermark

2. Cat plays with rat, an offical DPRK stamp from 1991

3. Cat finds a new friend in a frog, also issued in 1991

4. A white cat issued in 1983.

5. A black cat features in this stamp from 1977

6. A dog runs with huntsman in a traditional scene from the Koguryo period, issued in 1979.

7. A doberman features on an official issue stamp from 1989.

8. The pekingese dog, issued in 1977.

9. A keeshond dog stamp, suitable for air mail, issued in 1977.

 (Source-The Himalayan Times)

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