Philately Day-68 Bureaus Cancellations

\"philately\"philatelyBy Anil Kr Pujara

In continuation to earlier posts, I am sharing images of cancellations from 4 Bureaus.Cancellations of Agra and  Lucknow do not show any line whereas  cancellation of Kanpur Bureau shows one single line between PHILATELY Day n name of the Bureau whereas image of Allahabad Bureau Cancellation shows horizental border between the word PHILATELY DAY n Name of the Bureau. Further the figure of Gandhi ji is very small and  half in comparison to size of figure of Agra n n figure of Allahabad is very compact in shape n small in size.

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2 Responses to Philately Day-68 Bureaus Cancellations

  1. Dinu says:

    Hon’ble Pujaraji,
    In my humble opinion the bottom right one looks like a botched up job.
    Total discredit should be given to the catchet maker and the one who accepted this catchet.
    Total negligence .
    Unfortunately all are from UP —-
    Mr. Chhibar of Agra bureau is not responsible anymore !!!!!! I have seen his post few weeks before.
    If he is promoted and given higher responsibility – God bless him with more but if he is silently shunted out for showing efficiency then “cry my beloved country cry”

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Dear Dinu Ji, I agree the cancellation is botched up also by Kanpur Bureau but the design is also Catchet is also defective n incomplete.

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