Russia Issued Stamp on Scientist Vladimir Chelomei

\"russiaVladimir Chelomei – scientist in the field of mechanics, academician of the USSR (1962), twice Hero of Socialist Labor.Vladimir Chelomei was the only designer in the world, which worked brilliantly in three different directions:

– Spacecraft, and complexes, as well as long-term orbital manned and unmanned stations. Under the leadership of VN Chelomei developed the world’s first manned orbital station;

– Creation of missiles with cruise missiles. Accelerated development of missile systems VN Chelomeya today armed with all the flagship of the Russian Navy fleets;

– Equipping strategic nuclear forces of Russia missile systems with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and the creation of rockets.

The stamp features a portrait of VN Chelomei and his booster heavy class series “Proton”, designed to launch an unmanned spacecraft into Earth orbit and then into space.

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