Meghdoot Postcard of 2013

\"meghdootBy Lalit K Mishra

This is with reference to Dr. Pradip Jain’s article posted on Philamirror on May 31, 2014 regarding issue of Meghdoot Postcard in 2013. One Meghdoot Postcard is known to have been issued in 2013. The said Meghdoot Postcard  has been issued in Oriya script with images of Biju Patnaik and primary education. Respected philatelists are requested to translate Oriya script onto English or Hindi for benefit of fellow philatelists. If more Meghdoot Postcards are known to have been issued in 2013, the same should be posted on Philamirror for mutual benefit.

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10 Responses to Meghdoot Postcard of 2013

  1. Ullas Jain says:

    As I have started earlier, an MPC on Bank Lokpal was released in 2013.Same was in Gujrati language.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    One more post carrd with the image of Nandini Satpathi was also issued by Odisha Circle. I have that. I will share d image soon


      The post card with the image of Nandini satpathi is a normal post card and not Meghdoot post card. The image along with the stamps in the card is advertisement. As such it is a normal post card with advertisement and the price of the card is also 50p as any other normal post card.

      • Ullas Jain says:

        You have shown the mirror to a so called senior philatelist.Now he will understand that others are also doing philately and that too in a better way.Nandini Satpathi’s image was never published on MPC.
        Thanks for your revelation.

      • Ullas Jain says:

        You were totally correct.It is a normal postcard with image of Nandini Satpathi as advertisement. So called senior philatelist is unable to differentiate between MPC & NPC.

  3. Dinu says:

    Dear Lalitji,
    Nice to see you in these forum
    Your gifted Meghdoot postcards have enriched my son’s collection.
    You have thoughtfully and kindly given two of each such that in later stage he will be able to exchange.
    Thank you very much .

  4. Lalit Kumar Mishra says:

    Sri Ullasji and sri Pujaraji, please share the images of Meghdoot Postcards of 2013 that you have in your collection for information to fellow philatelists.
    Sri Dinuji, Thank you for your welcome extended to me. I wish you the best.
    Lalit K Mishra, Patna.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Lalitji,
      Thanks for your kind response.
      I have the envelope and I know it is you who has posted those envelope. Respected RKMji has initiated the process and you have taken the pain to complete.
      RKMji+you and Dr. Mukerji of Aligarh are the only two via internet known entity for me who have promised and fulfilled. Rest all … ?!One from western India even tried to use me. So, it will not be too much to say so long my breathing continues I shall always remember you two gentlemen.

      By the way if you can provide your email id to my email shall like to communicate with you on 1 to 1 basis.
      Best regards


    Quite recently my G.P.O. sent the philatelic material
    sandwitched between two multi-layers of 25p Meghdoot

    Perhaps, Indiapost is printing way too many than are
    being used. Why put printed stationery to such misuse?

  6. anil kr pujara says:

    One of senior philatelists has mentioned showing of mirror. Probably my comments have been overlooked. I categorically mentioned that one more POSTCARD I repeat POST CARD n NOT I repeat MEGHDOOT POST CARD. How meghdoot word has been read n understood is beyond my comprehension. Can any one explain, I request.

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