New Chinese Stamp on Cantonese Opera

\"chinaCantonese opera is a highly-valued traditional performing art in Hong Kong. With a live chamber orchestra and special theatrical costumes, Cantonese opera is an art form involving many skills such as singing, acting, narration and martial arts. Cantonese opera costumes come in a wide variety and correspond to the identity and social status of different roles. Hongkong Post issues a set of special stamps on “Cantonese Opera Costumes” featuring seven distinctive costumes on 21 August 2014.

The $1.70 stamp portrays a great Han costume. Embroidered with phoenix and floral designs, the costume is mostly worn by artists impersonating queens, princesses or imperial concubines.

The $2.20 stamp shows a gown with a sloping collar. The gown is a common Cantonese opera costume worn mostly by artists playing young aristocrats and noblemen.

The $2.90 stamp depicts a dress for young ladies. The dress is the daily wear for the role of unmarried maidens.

The $3.10 stamp delineates a military uniform for soldiers. The uniform, emblazoned with floral and cloud motifs, features a top with a round collar, loose sleeves with cuffs, an outer vest and a pair of harem trousers.

The $3.70 stamp displays a python ceremonial robe (mang). The robe, a form of regalia worn by actors playing emperors, generals and ministers, is decorated with a circular dragon, a single dragon and cloud motifs.

The $5 stamp features a gown with a vertical collar (pei). This gown with floral embroidery is the casual wear worn by patricians. A women’s pei is a long knee-length robe with symmetrical fronts, wide sleeves covered with flowing sleeves, two side slits and a long dress.

The $10 stamp sheetlet features a grand armour. Dressed in the grand armour, actors impersonating the marshals of the Six Kingdoms in The Joint Investiture project a heroic, gallant and formidable demeanour.

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