Rani Ki Vav(Step Well) is Now World Heritage

\"raniBy Lalit Kumar Mishra

Recently Rani ki Vav has been included in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The Permanent Pictorial Cancellation, depicting the Rani Ki Vav, was introduced at Patan H O on October 09, 2002.

The magnificent stepwell, the Rani Ki Vav, is said to have been constructed in 11th century by Queen Udaymati , the consort of the king Bhimdeva I. The step well measuring 64meters long, 20meters wide and 27meters deep has stepped corridors beginning at the ground level and leading down to the kund(well).  The beautifully proportioned sculptures of gracefully carved Mahishasurmardini, Parvati, Vishnu (in his Dasavatar) adorns the wall flanking the staircase. The female figures hace been depicted in various posses of Apsaras, Nagakanyas, Yoginis, etc. The step well was buried for centuries and suffered damages due to flood. The minute and exquisite carvings of this largest and extremely beautiful step well are the finest specimen of its kind. Befitting to its name, the Rani Ki Vav is considered to be the queen among the stepwells of India.

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