The Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013 Edition is Out.

\"yearBy Madan Midha

You must have seen some of the earlier editions of the Year Book. The Year Book has carved a special place for it on the contemporary Indian Philatelic Literature scene. Earlier editions of the Year Book were highly acclaimed all over and have won a number of Regional, National & International Awards for their contents, coverage and presentation. It has won a Silver Medal at the IPhLA 2012 at Mainz, Germany; the largest, most comprehensive and only international exhibition in the world, focused exclusively on Philatelic Literature and also a number of other awards at FIP & FIAP endorsed philatelic exhibitions over the world. A number of knowledgeable philatelic authors contribute valuable articles on a spectrum of subjects with universal appeal for the Year Book, spearheaded by Sh. Ashok Bayanwala, a noted Philatelic Historian of  Modern India. A number of other fine philatelic writers of high repute, like Ilyas Patel, Naresh Agarwal, Sudhir Jain, Prashant Pandya and Rajesh Paharia, add gems from their immense knowledge to make a Year Book edition as it is. A team of budding neo-writers also follow them, which include the names of  Sreejesh Krishnan, Deepak Modi, K.Ramarathinam and a number of others, including the able Editorial Team. The collective efforts of all these names have made the Year Book a literature masterpiece to preserve. It has become a collectible on Indian Philately with lasting significance.

 2013 edition of the Year Book includes important philatelic texts / research articles on some important subjects in Indian Philately, like

A very important article on “Mail Arrangements between India & Pakistan” after partition of 1947, is authored by famous postal                historian Shri Ashok Bayanwala for the 2013 edition of the Year Book. The article makes a very interesting reading and is a gem of                   the postal history information.

   – The Telegramms or the Telegraphs, breathed their last in India during 2013. “Indian Telegraphs” had a long history, spread over                   163 Years and covering every sphere of Indian lives. It was befitting to have a tribute for this service included in the 2013 edition of the               Year Book, we have done so. A farewell write-up to this iconic service is written by Shri Ilyas Patel on its setting off. A write-up to                    preserve for the times to come; for reference & remembrance.

Our regular contributor, Shri Naresh Agarwal has penned an article on “Azad Hind Stamps” for this edition. Azad Hind Stamps have               a special philatelic and also emotional significance among Indian Philatelists ; these are inseparable part of Indian Postal History.                   You will be astonished to learn about the background and other details about them.

India and Indian Philately is known in the world by name of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is one of the themes recognised and collected               world over with great enthusiasm. Noted thematic collector Shri Sudhir Jain has compiled an article on “Gandhi : 1948 Issues”                       which highlights lots of details about this much recognised stamp issue from India, which with “Service” overprint, is known as the                   costliest modern stamp of the world.

An specially commissioned article on “Indian Watermarks” is a worthy addition to the contents of the 2013 Year Book. This                        article provides the details of the watermarks found on Indian Postal Stamps to the date, with illustrations of all of them. Some of the                illustrations, which were not available readily, were specially drawn for this article, you will just love them.

On the contemporary scene, India Post has started a new money transfer service in collaboration with the ICICI Bank, one of the                      largest private banks in India, called the “Smart Money Order”. This service has many firsts to its credit and has an interesting                    story to go through. Famous writer Prashant Pandya has recorded the facts and the story of this service for the Year Book 2013.

Rajesh Paharia, a postal history enthusiast has contributed an article on “Window Delivery” facility provided by the postal                            departments in earlier years. This is one of the rare subjects in philately with little information available ; this article is an effort to                    unfold this mystery.

The preface of the 2013 edition highlights the “Frustrations of a Philatelist” which are concerned with the future of their philatelic                  belongings and the hobby in general. Some important and thought provoking issues are taken this time through the editorial for the                  edition.Philately is a live hobby and new discoveries come forward now and then. It happens several times that we publish an article on an                  important subject and just after the publishing, some new facts surface on the subject which can not be ignored. To highlight the                      new discoveries, we have started to publish rejoinders to the earlier published articles with this edition. These rejoinders further the                  articles published earlier, with additional information surfaced after the publication of the original articles. Year Book 2013 edition has                3 rejoinders on “Un-gummed Definitives of India”, “R.M.F.M. Metermarks” & “My Stamp”s respectively. These rejoinder write-                ups will add to the importance of the earlier published main article on the subject/s.

From a recording purpose / chroniclisation of the happenings of the year, the Year Book contains details of the issues and events                   for the year 2013 including Indian Awardees at international Shows, Indian Issues of 2013 ( including Postal Stationery, A.P.S.                       Covers, Postmarks & Miscellaneous issues), Postal History, Events & Society News & Philatelic Tidbits from all over the world.

Like the earlier editions, all the commemorative issues of the edition-year are explained with “Detailed Perspective” with               extensive thematic & technical details including illustrations, with a view to help explore the contexts of the issues for the      collections of the philatelists. For more detailed coverage, the illustrations of the stamps have been replaced by that of the complete   FDCs of the issues, to make them more useful and illustrative for the collectors.

A three part bibliography for the editions of the Year Book is also integrated in the edition for the readers’ ready reference. Three    parts of the bibliography are focused on The Individual Articles / editions, The Subject wise Classification & The Authors.  In a true sense, the 2013 edition of the “Year Book of Indian Philately” is a “must” for every philatelist interested in any aspect of Indian Philately. The knowledgeable philatelists have seen it and have approved it to be so.

 With a view to make it easily accessible for all, the price of the 2013 edition is kept as low as Rs 300/- per copy, equal to just the Xerox cost of a same-sized publication.  For the bulk orders from the groups and societies, the price can further be negotiated. Registration & Postage will be borne by us for the philatelists through-out India. Literature dealers are requested to communicate separately for their requirements and special terms & conditions for them.Believe us, you miss a great opportunity to enjoy Indian philately if you do not have this edition of the Year Book with you. Just send an Money  Order ( only M.O.s are accepted ) for Rs 300/- at the following address and you will receive your copy of the 2013 Year Book by registered post. It is a great bargain at this price.

 Remit your amount to  :  Madan Middha, Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, GWALIOR 474 001.

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  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Your Year Book is landmark in the field of Indian Philately, Every issue is very informative, worth reading and collective. Please keep it up.

  2. koti kiran says:

    I wanted mobile number

  3. anil kr pujara says:

    Year Book is one place guide for year long philatelic activity. Too Gud. Indeed it is collectable. Must for collection.

  4. Sudhir Jain says:

    Mobile number of Mr. Madan Midha, Editor of Year Book is 9301101244

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