Israel Issued Stamp on Palmer Gate : Symbol of Freedom and Hope

\"israelThe stamp features Palmer Gate Street and the port; part of a ship at the corner; and a statue of a fish with a ship on its back, Zvika Cantor’s City Fish, which was erected in 2010 on the Haifa-Boston Partnership square, located on the corner of Palmer Gate and Kdoshei Baghdad Streets in Haifa. The First Day Cover features a photograph of the illegal immigration ship Eliyahu Golomb, docked in the Port of Haifa. Photo by: Lipa Kugel, courtesy of “BintiveyHa’apala”, The Clandestine Jewish Immigration Research Center in Memory of Admiral Mordechai (Moka) Limon.

Holocaust survivors rose from the ashes of the crematoriums and immigrated illegally to Eretz Israel during the British Mandate period. Under terrible conditions, on crowded decks of dilapidated immigrant ships, they made their way to the Promised Land, their hearts filled with hopes and dreams. The city of Haifa was the first thing that most Holocaust survivors saw as they approached the coast line. The bare concrete docks of the Port of Haifa were, to them, the Holy Land for which they yearned. They were part of an extremely dramatic and historic step taken by the Jewish people -the establishment of the State of Israel.

Haifa Port was the entry point into Eretz Israel. Haifa was the Jewish people’s home port, both for the illegal immigrants (ma’apilim) who arrived prior to the establishment of the State and for the waves of immigrants who came after the State of Israel was established. Gate number five, which served for years as the mythological main entrance into the Port of Haifa, was later named Palmer Gate. Port Campus – the academic center of Haifa’s downtown area is a challenging project, which will turn an entire section of Haifa’s down town into a complex of college campuses, dormitories and modern residential buildings, as well as supporting businesses that are typical of this type of complex.

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