Musical Greetings from Benaras

\"fdc\"By Vijay Kumar Jain

21st of June is the World Music Day. Benaras is home to many world renowned musicians.Prominent among them are Bharat Ratna late Bismillah Khan, Girija Devi ,Hariprasad Chaurasia ji, Channulal Mishra ji,Kamala Shankar ji and many more.  Enclosed is an image of fdc on Shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan autographed by Padam Bhushan Channulal Mishra ji. Channulal ji is a classical singer who is  famous for thumri, kajri, chaiti etc.He sang for the movie\’Aarakshan\’ and received GIMA award. Recently Channulal ji came into limelight when he became one of the proposer of PM Modi\’s LS candidature from Benaras. While signing the cover he wrote a beautiful phrase\”swar hi ishwar hai\” meaning \”Music is god\”.

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9 Responses to Musical Greetings from Benaras

  1. A classic example how to screw a good FDC with an awful autograph of a singer NOT so well known!

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Please use your words carefully and judiciously. Please do not blame others for your lack of knowledge.
      Sh.Channulal Mishra was the proposer of PM Narendra Modi’s candidature from Benaras.
      As you are in USA, you might be unaware of what is happening in India.
      Please obtain the autographs of JLo, Rihanna, Eminem etc on fdc and show us on next World Music Day.

  2. Vijay Deshpande says:

    Greetings to all philatelists and music lovers for the World Music day!

  3. Sandeep says:

    Sir. Nice collection!
    Please edit: Channulal → Chhanulal.
    He is Padma Bhushan पंडित छन्नूलाल मिश्र and not पंडित चन्नुलाल मिश्र
    Thanks and regards.

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      I am studying your observation and will definitely rectify,if required.

    • Dinu says:

      Thanks Sandeepji – I too made the typo – even in the name of Kumar Gandharva also.
      You are right he is Chhanulal, or will it be Chhannulal? as there are one and half “na” as depicted in Devanagari above.

      “What’s in a name ;-)”

  4. Dinu says:

    I am personally hurt at the comment of Mr. Kulkarni, who is not only a senior Citizen but also a well experienced Philatelist.

    Music from (respectable and honourable – here in after without any insult respectable titles are removed to keep the post short – it however does not imply that they were my friends over a cup of tea – they are respectable for me) Kumar Gandahrvs, Girija Devi, Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute) and Chunnulalji are my favourite past time. To be candid I do not know ABCD of Music – I just love the flow and rhythm of it. When words are soothing and meaningful (Like Yanni, Kumar Gandharva, begum Akhtar , Jagjit Singh, chitra Singh, Lata, Bhimsen Joshi, Mallikarjun , Jasraj, Mark knoffler list is endless) are added advantage.

    With surprise of late I am seeing the trend off criticising other’s theme or choice in this platform.
    one of the 10 commandment of Philately as published in Mumbai GPO website says that “Never criticise other’s choice”.
    Editor must censor this trend

    My apology Kulkarni Sir – but I am more hurt that the statement came from you.
    Kudos to Jain saab for sharing something really nice. But also the last two lines from you were unexpected.

    I am hurt that my favourite two iconic philatelist are crossing sword.
    My humble request is please refrain and keep philately healthy.

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Hon’ble Dinu ji,
      I am not doing philately anymore.I have images of my earlier collection which I sometimes share on this website.

      • Dinu says:

        I remember Sir that you are not doing Philately any more; thanks for sharing the nice you have once told me that you will inform me about left overs I am waiting for that mail to my id with batted breath.
        Anyhow the remarks above was not aggreeable to me from persons whom I respect.

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