Philatelic Pleasure;Jagjit Singh Stamp Issue

\"jagjitBy Anil Kr Pujara

Jagjit Singh -Ghazal Samrat had always mesmerized me like millions on the globe. This year when India Post released commemorative stamps on him, I had decided to make card and  get it cancelled. I had an opportunity to listen his live performance at Satna.             ( courtesy Sh Sudhir Jain). I got opportunity to take autograph on jacket of one his Cassettes though I had desire to take on fdc of Begum Akhtar but could not. I could not make d card but one of my philatelic friends gifted me this. Whenever I look at this or listen to his music I get enthralled. Hope everyone will get the pleasure.

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6 Responses to Philatelic Pleasure;Jagjit Singh Stamp Issue

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks Pujara Ji for remembering me in this writeup.

  2. N.A. Mirza says:

    The FDC differs from what I have received from the Mumbai GPO. The stamps have perforation error.

  3. Dinu says:

    Few inputs even though I have collection of many of his albums and the These setenant stamps design is truly outstanding than many of others.

    Information brochure does not say if there was any proponent? How many stamps were allotted to proponent? When was it proposed? Who has proposed it? When was it decided to release it? Was all laid down rules and norms were followed while deciding to release it? and most importantly why is it not possible to re-release (if the term re- release canbe used to describe correctly in this casen) the withdrawn issue of Begum Akhtar after removing the solubility of ink issue?

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Hon’ble Dinu ji,
      We only need one stamp for our collection then why bother for such things.

      • Dinu says:

        Hon’ble Jainsaab,
        I have asked the quantity as I am creating a different type of database.
        Secondly, my observation is that for some stamps proponent name is not disclosed and mostly hue and cry comes about selection procedure of this stamps only.
        You must be aware one senior philatelist has published in my stamp category our PM S photo and I got email for buying those at exorbitant cost.
        Ignorant official got the axe. In my opinion both are to be blamed. One for not knowing the rule but ruling and another knowing but bending.

        Philately as a hobby is dying is my lament but trying in my own small way to revive and it pains me to see bagatell and hypocracy of so many well known persons whose post contradicts themselves.
        I have nothing against them as they are individual.
        Many a times even India post also takes us for ride.
        Many grapevine rumours are there and I am trying to make a research on it. Purpose finding way to close the loopholes and removing the rut.
        As a citizen I think we should be more conscious for a clean system.
        That was my purpose sir. Is there any rule that withdrawn issue cannot be reissued or issued. Have seen proposal like that vehemently opposed by few only – it smells!!
        I hope I could clarify to you why my questions were placed in this learned platform.

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Sudhir ji I can not forget that wonderful evening because of You.

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