USPS Issued  \’Hot Rods Forever\’ Stamps

\"uspsThe United States Postal Service, with the help of Velocity TV\’s \”Car Crazy\” host, Barry Meguiar, released two  Hot Rods Forever limited edition stamps on Friday, June 6 in York, Pa. In an exclusive interview with Historic Motor Sports, Barry Meguiar said that he could think of no better \”affirmation\” from the United States government that hot rods \”are an important part of American culture.\”The \”deuce\” of Hot Rods Forever stamps \”depict two of the fast, powerful vehicles that thrill-seeking enthusiasts have been modifying for nearly a century.\”\”Hot rodding first took hold in the 1920s, when young men began modifying cars,\” the description continues. \”Aficionados souped up engines, lowered chassis, chopped bodies, and cut excess weight, to create fierce machines unlike anything that had rolled off assembly

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