INDIA POST : New Stamps and MS on FIFA World Cup

\"miniature\"indian\"fifaIndia Post today issued stamp(4 stamps 25 Rs 25 Rs,5 Rs,5 Rs ) and a Miniature sheet (60 Rs) on FIFA World cup 2014.Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi  released the set of stampe at Delhi .According to India Post these stamps will be available at all Philatelic Bureaux after 6.30 PM today.

\"fifa\"fifaEarlier two stamps were released on football theme by India Post in 1989 and 1998.First was on Gostha Paul and second on Mohun Bagan.

\"goshthaGostha  Paul (August 20, 1896 – April 8, 1976) was a professional  football player. He was born in Bhojeswar,  (currently located in Bangladesh  ). He moved to Kolkata   when he was an infant and lived there till his very last days.

Nicknamed as \”Cheener Pracheer\” (The Wall of China) he was one of the best defenders of contemporary Indian football. He joined  Mohun Bagan at the age of 16. In 1921, Gostho Paul was honored with the captaincy of the Mohun Bagan football team, and he remained as the club captain for next 5 years. In 1924, he was also appointed as the captain of the Indian national football team. He retired in 1935.He was the first Indian footballer to be honoured with the Padam Shree in 1962.

\"mohunMohun Bagan  is an Indian football club   club based in Kolkata. It is one of the oldest football clubs in Asia, having been established in 1889. The football team has been successful since its establishment and has maintained its status as one of India\’s most successful clubs, having won multiple trophies of national significance Mohun Bagan was the first Indian team to defeat a European team, when they defeated the East Yorkshire Regiment   2-1 to lift the 1911 IFA Shield.Mohun Bagan A.C became the first Indian club in 1990-1991 to join official Asian competition when they played in the inaugural Asian Cup Winners Cup competition.

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10 Responses to INDIA POST : New Stamps and MS on FIFA World Cup

  1. Can anyone tell what “Mohun Bagan” stands for? I have been curious about it since my childhood and still don’t know if it’s been the name of an individual or …….?

  2. Zulaiha M says:

    The club his said to have played their first ever game at the Mohun Bagan Villa against Eden Hindu hostel.[4] Right before the one year anniversary of the club professor F.J. Rhow asked whether the club had organized any rifle shooting or angling or other related activities and when the answer to that question was no he suggested that the club be renamed from Sporting to Athletic. The officials agreed and the club was officially renamed as Mohun Bagan Athletic Club.[4] Then in 1891 the club relocated grounds to Shyampukur and then again they relocated, this time to Shyam Square-from Wikipedia
    In this internet age, you could have just googled or gone to Wikipedia to find the answer to your question, like what I did!

    • Wise guy, STILL DOES NOT ANSWER WHAT ‘MOHUN BAGAN MEANS’! Get it -“MEANS!” I know much more than what you’ve copied down from WIKI. Mohammedan, Western Railway and East Bengal had been power houses at that time and I knew some players from these teams as my friends -NONE could tell what Mohun Bagan STAND FOR! Thanks for wasting my time!

  3. Dinu says:

    As far as I know the ground where above club started playing / practricising it’s game was named Mohun Bagan
    In Bengali Mohun can be a name of a person ( Mohun in bengali means same as Mohan/ Mohana in Hindi – as appears in the song …Mohana murati…) But Mohun Bagan cannot be name of individual.
    Bagan in Bengali means Garden
    So Mohun Bagan will translate out as Mohun’s Garden
    Applying deductive logic (chances are there the outcome will be 100% wrong) and experience on bengali culture I may safely assume that the Playground or Club house was situated somewhere near a Garden owned by Mohun or was in a area which was actually already named as Mohun Bagan due to presence of this garden.
    Like Shyama pukur means either a pond named as Shyama or Pond owned by Shyama. (shortened form of Shyamal)

    all explanations given above are unchained run of my imagination or deductive function of my non existent brain and may be totally wrong.

    During my next visit to the City I shall try to find out the exact meaning which is beyond doubt.

  4. Sandeep says:

    Can you tell something about FIFA World Cup also, please?


    India Post- pathetically out of ideas!
    Short on ideas.

    This FIFA-2014, London Olympics-2012, Beijing Olympics &
    one more set of 4 stamps issued before that.
    They all look the same. Hyperbolically-Identical twins?

  6. Dinu says:

    Can any calcutta based football fan or philatelist enlighten us with correct fact? It appears the deductive reasoning is far out of line.

  7. Dinu says:

    Dear Kulkarni Sir,
    This is what I got from WIKI about the name of Mohun Bagan
    “During the late 1800s the indian independence movement was well into its beginning and the widespread rebellion of the Indian nationalists fired the imagination of all the Indians in the country and to help the movement, Bhupendranath Basu, with the help of the Mitra Family, and the Sen Family founded Mohun Bagan under the name Mohun Bagan Sporting Club on 15 August 1889.[3] The club his said to have played their first ever game at the Mohun Bagan Villa against Eden Hindu hostel.”

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