Philately Day: Cancellations from 68 Bureaus (2)

\"philatelyBy Anil Kr Pujara

I am reproducing the images of Cancelled First Day covers of Philately Day  Souvenir Sheet 2013 cancelled from Shimla n Chandigarh. The cancellation size from these two bureaus is different from that of earlier images n it is not the camera focus. Since actual FDCs are with me so I can say that India Post should ensure that Cancellations from each Bureau are uniform. However this is just the begining of Journey n not even the middle or end if the journey. Many bigger wonders are yet to come on surface.

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18 Responses to Philately Day: Cancellations from 68 Bureaus (2)

  1. RIAZ KHAN says:

    This is know fact that cancellations from different bureaus vary in sizes. There is no uniformity since a long time. This is not new. And sad thig is the cancellation method is obsolete. This is not going to change.

  2. Zoya Mendoca says:

    As per departmental procedure SANSAD MARG HO issues letter to all bureaux for preparing cancellation of forthcoming issues. In this letter only diagram of the cancellation is given and there is no mention of specifications of size of cancellation. Hence there is difference in size of cancellations.
    Some people are collecting these cancellations on the pretext of being erroneous which appears futile to me.

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    What a keen observation. Hats off to you Pujara ji

  4. Dinu says:

    Hon’ble Mr. Pujaraji,
    Thanks for pointing out.

    I have asked the same question some time ago in say around January in slightly disguised away as what are the rule regarding uniformity of catchet size. There were so,e advise by some senior to take course of RTI.

    It appears that you have also the same issue .
    In my collection area wise biggest catchet is from Chandigarh and smallest is from Delhi.

    I agree with you as why there should be no uniformity of catchet size across the bureau

  5. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Dear Sir, The cancellation size of Chandigarh Bureau is not the biggest. Since I am able to obtain cancellation from all the 68 Bureaus, Pl have patience as many more wonders are going to be rolled out. Only thing required is patience particularly from few who are the most enthusiastic n impatient n want to jump on any conclusion. I hope I am able to drive the point to them.

  6. Dinu says:

    Respectable Pujaraji,
    One small Clarification from my side to 1st line of your last comment.
    I did not say cancellation size of Chandigarh is biggest among all bureaux.
    I have just said out of my meagre collection of few bureaux (as I am not following the same theme like you – no insult or pun to your esteemed taste – It is just that I do not collect from all bureaux – during my visit to few bureaux , which happened to be close to the road I tool for my profession / holiday I have collected some FDC as memory of the place visited – and this issue is common among those).
    So, I cannot authentically claim that Chandigharh is the biggest. That I am sure will come from your sojourn. I shall eagerly await to learn the finding from you.
    Hope I could clarify the issue.

  7. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Dear Dinu Ji, u are unnecessarily taking my remarks/ comments on urself. Honestly speaking, these were not intended for u. I am sure u will understand n excuse me if u are hurt. Not only size but features also vary in cancellations from some Bureaus. Pl bear with me. Regards



  9. Zoya Mendoca says:

    Incomplete work by hon’ble philatelist. He never states the size of length & breadth of cancellation.
    After the hon’ble philatelist completes this journey of 68 bureaux, I will show two philately day covers which the readers of philamirror will find much more interesting than all the 68 covers. I am eagerly waiting for this cancellation measurement to get over.

  10. Sandeep says:

    Nice collection, Sir. Very good observation!
    Just a different question, please. The word ‘Philately’ in Hindi is printed as फिलेटली in this Souvenir Sheet. Usually we put a ‘dot’ under Devnagiri letter फ (like in फ़रेबी) when we intend to write the sound of ‘F’. Does pure Hindi dictate that it be printed like that? And also pronounced in the same manner as well? Kindly enlighten us, please. Unfortunately one word Hindi translation for ‘Philately’ is not invented yet 🙁

  11. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    I really appreciate the wisdom of This wonderful wise philatelist.Why is he waiting for me to complete my journey? IS THERE ANY RACE OR COMPETITION? If at all he is carrying such feeling. it should not be the case.If he is having something to share, he must come out as it is a pleasure sharing platform n not a competition field.

  12. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    With due regards to Sh Dinu Ji, I think now it must be clear to you as to whom I was referring to in my reply dated 13.06.14.

    • Dinu says:

      by this time you must have made out that my mother tongue is not Hindi or Urdu and truly I am amazed at your observation.
      I have learned reading Hindi a little to find out Kiryana (all transaltion here must be wrong) store bus route, etc. etc. Once I have tried to read “Godaan” in Hindi out of my own interest. Had to give up due to difficulty/limitation I had faced. By the way for some reason or other I am bit impaired in terms of perfect pronunciation
      So for my own learning can you please tell me if PH of philately should be with a dot under Devna. scrpt( I have not seen this on any sign board or bus route board but that does not mean it does not exist – my better half is educated in Hindi medium but my male ego stops me from askingher) then how the same letter without dot will sound phonetically. What is the difference. You may respond to my email id as this platform is for Philately.

      • Sandeep says:

        Dear Sir,
        I still await for guidance from our senior philatelist Shri Pujara Ji on this point. Unfortunately, I have not been so सफल (saphal) yet 🙂

    • Dinu says:

      Respected Pujaraji,
      Thanks for clarification. Anyhow I avoid conflict as per the 10 commandment of Philately. I was not hurt I had just clarified my on statement.
      By the way once I did a small research (around 56 pages in A4 sheet) by comparing past 10 years data (till 2012 – Gujarat Philately association was kind enough to publish an abridged version) existing in database of and that of IP . Could find some amazing oversight in provided information. Doing the second part but now website of IP philately pages or stamps returns error “requested data is not accessible. please try later”
      So that source is gone and I cannot compare anymore. This is just a feedback.
      Forgive typo, syntax, grammar error

  13. Zoya Mendoca says:

    No competition with the hon’ble philatelist(as he is much ahead) but he might understand that in this fast paced world it is difficult to keep track of 34 different posts.You are publishing 2 covers a day and it will take you 34 days to conclude.Such time consuming exercise looses relevance.
    I will share only when you conclude and I feel you will be the first one to appreciate.

  14. anil kr pujara says:

    In case if my learned fellow philatelist has some thing wonderful(as he claims) why is he waiting for me to conclude. His impatience should be reflected n shared with one n all at the earliest.
    Further, no one has forced any one to watch this space for 34 occasions/chances. Everyone is free to stop in case if he is running out of patience. I will be decidely taking my own time n (uninvited) suggestions for giving space by philamirror for this is not anyone’s concern except Administrator.
    I think one should mind his business not poke in others work/business.

  15. Ullas Jain says:

    I visit this once or twice in a month.I agree with both Riaz Khan and Zoya Mendoca.
    Uniformity in cancellation can only be brought when catchet is supplied by a centralized agency.
    As Zoya has correctly pointed out, PhilaMirror should publish this article frequently otherwise people will lose interest.
    Even I can’t follow it for 30 odd issues.

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