New Irish Stamp on Centenary of the Home Rule Act of 1914

\"irishIreland has  Issued a postage  stamp to mark the centenary of the Home Rule Act on 22nd May  2014. The Government of Ireland Act 1914, also known as the Home Rule Act, was an Act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom and it intended to provide self government for Ireland.The background to the Act was that in the period following Catholic emancipation, a powerful Irish party emerged with self determination as its objective. This self determination which was really the process of allowing Ireland more say in how it was governed became known as Home Rule.

While very important for Ireland, it was also ground-breaking from a British perspective as the Act was the first law ever passed by Parliament that sought to establish devolved government in any part of the United Kingdom.The stamp itself was designed by Ger Garland and features images of John Redmond and Edward Carson set against a backdrop of a map of Ireland. John Redmond and Edward Carson were the two central figures in the fight for and against the Home Rule Act.

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