Autographed FDC Priya Dutt

\"motherBy Vijay Kumar Jain

Apart from being an actress, Nargis Dutt  was a kind hearted person. Her philanthropic works are still remembered by us.  Her most memorable cinematic performance was in movie \’ Mother India\’ in which her husband Sunil Dutt was her co-actor.The movie was directed by Mehboob Khan. Here  is an image of fdc on Mehboob Khan, depicting the Dutt couple in \’Mother India\’, autographed by their daughter Ms.Priya Dutt(ex-MP). This item is special as no collection on Nargis ji is complete without this.

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One Response to Autographed FDC Priya Dutt

  1. Zoya Mendoca says:

    Unclear image.The hon’ble philatelist should have used good quality camera.
    Also the place/date of taking autograph should also be mentioned

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