Philatelic Journey: 68 Bureaus

\"gandhiBy Anil Kr Pujara

In Oct 2013, India Post released a Souvenir Sheet on Gandhi Ji on Philately Day.A souvenir sheet was issued to celebrate n immortalize Philately Day by issuing a different product in Philately as in 2012 also a Souvenir sheet was issued. Though both souvenirs sheets were waste of Philatelic good theme. Since we have np choice n jave to keep in collection since it is a product of India Post. I once again decided ed to have the said souvenir sheet stuck on FDC n have it cancelled from all the 68 Philatelic Bureaus (66 CIVILIANS N 2 CBPOs) though as of now 13 more new bureaus are opened some are even today on paper only n at some confusion is loomimh large.\"gandhi

I started my journey with little hope but much expectations as earlier I had done it with Miniature Sheet of 100 Years of Civil Aviation n Spl Cover of 25 years of SPEED POST. Lot of observations were made, discripencint was observed n were noted n brought to the notice of concerned authorities. This time hope was there that improvement will be there. Some improvement was observed but not as I had EXPECTED. To start with I give the cancellations of two Bureaus for visual delight of one n all.

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4 Responses to Philatelic Journey: 68 Bureaus

  1. Zoya Mendoca says:

    Lot of spelling mistakes make the article incomprehensible at places.The hon’ble philatelist alleged that MS of philately day was a philatelic waste then why he had wasted so many resources to get it cancelled from all the 68 bureaux and
    what he will achieve by obtaining cancellations of all bureaux is unclear.
    However philamirror should have published the item on Philately Day with all the 68 cancellations.

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Learned philatelist has commented Y resources have been wasted on a philatelic waste product. Yes I still maintain as it is my personal opinion n everyone is free to have n form his personal opinion.With better concept n design n product on different theme, better philatelic product could have been released to commamorate Philately Day event. Both souvenier sheets issued in the year 2012 n 2013 were having reproduced images of previous releases. Nothing much new n innovative. Moreover Y I got it done from all 68 bureaus is very personal matter n as I understand many have attempted in this direction but few could only get it done n achieve it. Some who even tried on earlier items are still struggling to get it accomplish.Further journey of sharing cancellations from all 68 Bureaus has begun n not concluded.More will follow in days to come.
    As regards anxiety of my learned friend to know what I have achieved by getting it done from all 68 bureaus is answered . Philately is again a matter of personal pleasure like Insurance is a matter of Solicitation.
    As regards spelling mistakes, yes they did happen inadvertantly but anyone with little effort will be able to make head n tail. However these were unintentional n care will be taken to avoid in future. Thanks for pointing it out

  3. Zoya Mendoca says:

    Any stamp released by the department is not a waste.Using words like waste definitely hurts the philatests.
    However collecting cancellations of all the bureaux is a simple job and can be accomplished by opening PDA in all the bureaux or by sending emo to all bureaux.
    It is one’s perspective of seeing things- glass can be half filled/ glass half filled with water & half with air.

  4. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Had collecting from all 68 bureaus been so easy, everyone could have done. Ask those who are doing it. Taste of pudding is in its eating not watching. The easiest job is to make comments my dear Sir.You know the depth of water only after jumping in it. Pl open account in all the bureaus n then experience the joy pl.

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