Special Cover : 150 Years of Western Railway

\"specialDate of Release:21 April 2014 at Mumbai

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One Response to Special Cover : 150 Years of Western Railway

  1. Joy Daschaudhuri says:

    This special cover was released on the sesquicentennial of the completion of the construction of railroad line between Mumbai and Vadodara via Ankleshvar and Utran by the Mumbai, Vadodara and Central India Railway which marked the commencement of the regular rail service at Churchgate Railway Station.
    Western Railway was formally created on November 5,1951 by the union of Mumbai, Vadodara and Central India Railway, Vadodara State Railway (which got merged into BBCIR in 1949), Kachchh State Railway, Saurashtra Railway, Jaypur State Railway and Rajputana Railway, though Western Railway traces its inception in 1855 when BBCIR was established. But even then, WR sesquicentennial would have been in 2005 not in 2014.

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