New Stamps of Isle of Man

The Manx Ark Rare Breeds

\"iomDr Jeremy Paul, the hugely talented and internationally respected artist, has lent his talents to a very special issue celebrating farming in the Isle of Man. This miniature sheet, featuring six stamps designs, was commissioned to mark 100 years of the Southern District Agricultural Society and to recognise the incredible work being done in the Island to preserve rare breeds. Each stamp shows a threatened breed of farm animal, the very type of animals the Manx Ark project was set up to save, in Dr Paul\’s distinct and collectable style.

The featured breeds are Manx Loaghtan Sheep, Northern Dairy Shorthorn Cattle, Cotswold Sheep Exmoor Ponies, Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig and Irish Moiled Cattle. The collectable miniature sheet can be purchases in mint condition, or Cancelled to Order, on a unique First Day Cover or in an essential Presentation Pack, filled with information about these rare animals, and the work to save them. Issue Date: 16.04.2014 Designer: EJC Design Process: Offset Lithography Colours: 4 Colours Size: 42.58 x 28.45 mm

Battle of Clontarf Millennium 1014 – 2014

\"IOMThis stunning issue of six stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office commemorates an event 1,000 years ago which changed the course of history for nations around the Irish Sea. The Battle of Clontarf saw high king of Ireland Brian Boru go into battle with the Norse who controlled the powerful trading port of Dublin and had ambitions of extending their influence.

The fierce fighting outside Dublin on Good Friday, 23 April 1014, left thousands dead, including Brian and his heir, but prevented the Norse hopes of conquering Ireland. The issue brings the historic events to life through the dynamic paintings of Victor Ambrus. Famous as the illustrator featured on Channel 4 archaeology series Time Team, Victor brings his unique style to a series of stamps which chart the story of the battle.

Issue Date: 15.04.2014 Printer: BDT Process: Offset Lithography Colours: 4 Colours Size: 28.45 x 42.58 mm

Archibald Knox

\"iomTo celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great artist and designer Archibald Knox, Isle of Man Post Office, in collaboration with Manx National Heritage and Lloyds Bank, has produced a stunning set of stamps inspired by one of his greatest works. Each of the 10 stamps features a detail from Knox\’s masterpiece Deer\’s Cry, the illuminated manuscript regarded by many as his greatest achievement.

Manx artist Knox is renowned internationally, chiefly as the leading exponent of the \’British Celtic Revival\’ design style in the early 20th century and for his silver and pewter designs for Liberty & Co. His contemporaries in the early 1900s would have known him for his graphic designs which could be found on anything from war memorials to a grocer\’s chequebook. Whatever his designs were used for, they shared a common motif – the intricate interlace designs and knots reflecting his lifelong fascination with the carved Norse and Celtic stone crosses that had surrounded him from his childhood onwards.

While his body of work contains iconic examples of early 20th century design, the Deer\’s Cry is considered his greatest masterpiece and his most personal work of art. It is this piece that forms the basis of the Isle of Man Post Office celebration, which also commemorates a major exhibition of Celtic-influenced design in the Island during 2014. Based on an early Irish prayer, it is a masterpiece of lettering in watercolour and widely acknowledged as his greatest achievement. Know fans of Knox\’s work can own a set of stamps showcasing his extraordinary design from Deer\’s Cry with the landmark issue.Issue Date: 04.04.2014 Designer: EJC Design Printer: LM Group Process: Offset Lithography

Colours: 4 Colours Size: 32 x 32 mm

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