Croatia Issued Stamp on Easter

\"croatiaCroatia has issued a stamp dedicated to Easter.Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, sums up the whole idea and hope of faith. The hope that the life does not terminate on Earth or in earth, in this one dimension in which we are captured, or in the realm of matter. Continuance has been promised to us, the consequence of all our causes, of our goodness and our evil. Transformation has been promised to us and all which surrounds us has been given to us as a book of comparisons. The nature which hibernates, which invisibly matures, which wakes up returned into light and warmth. The death of the Son of God which opens the closed transition. And, as Easter is the greatest holiday of Christianity, so is the transformation through mass the central moment of Christian ceremony and continual keeping of promise – that collision between dimensions, that transformation of matter into the essence of the other world. Symbolic elements of the ceremony are bread and wine – transformed into God’s body and blood. The bread is then a basic matter of comparison, the food of human subsistence acquired through work, investment of life energy. Bread is a summary of human’s earth. Bread has always been sacred (long ago the older people thought the younger ones to pick up and appreciate each its crumb which would occasionally fall on the ground).

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