Story of Postage Stamp,Envelope and Post Card

\"storyBy R.K.Mishra

1. One Anna stamp issued on 09.051866 by East India CO. Can-Type A Diamond of 49 dots, measure 22x19mm

2. Half Anna, Queen Victoria issued on 01.08.1866.Cancellation-8c, a square framing a number and has three diminishing lines\"story

Half Anna envelops were issued on 15.09.1857 in 102x65mm size. Imprinted stamp in the motif of Queen’s head in blue to dark blue. The gummed seal of Lion & Palm tree embossed over the back flap. Design done by M/S de la Rue & Co, London.\"story

The first Post Card introduced in India on 1st July 1879 printed & Design done by M/S de la Rue & Co, London. with diamond head of Queen, called First Post card of East India Co.

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2 Responses to Story of Postage Stamp,Envelope and Post Card

  1. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Very nice………. Old is always gold that glitters the whole area….
    Thanks for this article and images…

  2. Joy Daschaudhuri says:

    The article is full of factual incorrect informations.
    1. No British India stamp was issued on May 9,1866, let alone be this East India 1A stamp.
    Cooper type 1 cancellations are found East India series only upto 1862. This stamp is thus 1856 1A brown typograph (SG 39) (perf.14) printed on glazed yellowish paper without watermark.
    2. The cancellation on the East India 1/2A typograph is Cooper type 8b (not 8c) which is characterized by the presence of thinner lines. Here the postmark was struck by Agra GPO which was allotted the numeral 1 under Northern Circle and type 8b was used from 1858 to 1866.
    Again no 1/2A stamp was issued on 1866, only 4A green (die I) (SG 69) and 4A deep green (die I) (SG 70) stamps were issued on that day.
    The 1/2A stamp here must be either 1856 die I (SG 37) or 1865 die I (SG 54) depending on the presence of elephant’s head watermark.
    3. The envelope is not the 1/2A blue envelope (Higgins and Gage B1) (knife type 2) printed on thin yellowish laid paper on September 15,1857 which had width of 64mm (not 65mm).
    The envelope is H&G B1a 1871 1/2A blue (knife type 3) printed on white laid paper with THOS. DE LA RUE & CO. LTD. imprint 3/4.
    The duplex cancellation is Cooper type 32 which was introduced in 1871. Here the alphabet A in the obliterator part refers to Ilahabad, headquarter of North West Provinces Corcle and the numeral 80 refers to the disbursing post office Bareli HPO which was though previously allotted the numeral 45 in Cooper type 5 in 1855.
    I have not seen any H&G B1/Lang EA1 being used as late as 1871.
    4. Lastly, the postcard is not the first postcard of India (H&G A1) issued on July 1,1879. This is H&G A7 postcard issued in 1890 with redrawn coat of arms which is very common.

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