New French Stamps on the Bears

\"franceThough bears are considered dangerous to humans, yet it is the man who is the greatest threat to the bears (hunting, industrialization, illegal trade…).

The bear that embodies strength and power is deeply rooted in popular culture through rites and traditions, mythology, heraldry and folklore.

Four threatened mammals are illustrated on stamps of the block: the Kermode bear, cousin of black bear living on the large islands of the Pacific coast of Canada, the Andean bear, also called spectacled bear, which is the only representative of the species in the southern hemisphere, as for the giant panda and the polar bear, they were particularly affected by the gradual destruction of their habitat.

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One Response to New French Stamps on the Bears

  1. Irony of it all is that none of these bears hibitat in France and can be found in their ZOOS only-if at all. Apart from the way it’s beutifully presentation, such stamps are better left for a promotion by UNPA, UNICEF and/or their native countries -like how USA prints its variey of wild life among them ‘Eagle’ comes to mind that no longer is on the ‘hit list’ by none other than man and this magnificent bird, in fact is now thrieving in America. To me, this French attempt has only an ARTISTIC VALUE only!

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