UNPA:Flag Series 2014

\"unOriginally launched in 1980, the Flag Series was created to honour the Member States of the United Nations.The four stamps which will be issued on 27 March 2014, feature the UN member states of Afghanistan, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Serbia.This is the first time that the UN member states of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Serbia are featured in the UNPA flag series. For the member states of Afghanistan and Cambodia, there have been significant changes in the flag designs since the last time that they were featured in the flag series.

Issue Date: 27.03.2014 Designer: Rorie Katz (United Nations)  Printer: Lowe-Martin Group (Canada)  Process: Offset Lithography  Colours: 4 Colours Size: 40 mm x 29 mm

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  1. Issued on 9/1985 in this series, I’ve some spares of ‘Indian Flag’ on a 16 stamps OG/MNH sheet each one having 4x stamps of INDIA, USSR, UGANDA & SAO TOME PRINCIP of a Catalog Value of $ 28.00. Shall gift away one each to any two young ‘student-stamp collectors’ from India to be chosen by the editors of this blog and inform of related details to me by e.mail as to whom and where I should Airmail them from the USA at my cost. Yes, Santa claus is coming to our town way too early! Could have provided pictures of these stamps or my contact details here but for ………..!!!!!

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