Sweden :Carl Michael Bellman Stamp Issue

\"swedenThe Carl Michael Bellman stamp enhances Sweden Post’s offer for distance selling “You might think that only private individuals who are buying from and selling to one another would need stamps with denomina- tions for slightly heavier packages. But when I meet small business owners who are ready to start an online store, it is striking how important the stamp issue is for them, as well.”This quote comes from Arne Andersson, Sweden Post’s expert on distance selling, more commonly known as e-commerce.He is constantly out on the market explaining the solutions Sweden Post has created to facilitate this expanding trade.

Last year, Sweden Post issued stamps with the denominations SEK 30, SEK 40 and
SEK 50 to meet the needs of distance selling. The Carl Michael Bellman stamp with a denomination of SEK 100 is now being issued to father enhance Sweden Post’s offer and make things easier for people who are sending heavier parcels. And their numbers are growing.

“Shoes and clothing are strong participants on the distance selling market, but other industries are emerging. And we should be here and continue to be the best alternative for online shoppers. For both companies and private individuals,” says Arne Andersson.

Bellman – one of the greats in Swedish literature

The role that Carl Michael Bellman (1740–1795) has played for Swedish literature has been com- pared to that of Shakespeare for English literature. Bellman was extremely productive and his works spanned many genres, including everything from poems and songs to psalms.

“Fredman’s Epistles” is Bellman’s greatest work, 82 songs written in a language packed with Bibli- cal references and a title that alludes to the letters of Apostle Paul. The epistles are filled with the tri- als and tribulations of the common people and parodies society during the second half of the 1700s.

Sweden Post has depicted Carl Michael Bellman on a stamp before. The first time was in 1940 in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of his birth. The second was in 1990 on the 250th anniversary of his birth and the third was in 2006 when he was depicted together with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 27.03.2014
Designer: Beata Boucht
Printer: Recess and offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 57.58 x 26.5 mm

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