First Australian Non-Denominational Stamp

\"australiaThese special non-denominational stamps feature iconic images of Australia – a kangaroo bounding along a sandy beach at sunset and an outline of our nation inscribed in the sand.

Introduced to help eligible Australians stay connected in the ever changing world of mail, limited numbers of these Concession Stamps have also been made available to stamp collectors in the form of a Philatelic product. Issue date: 24/03/2014

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One Response to First Australian Non-Denominational Stamp

  1. ‘First Australian Non-Denominational “STAMP”?’ Not knowing much details (could not even get a closer look), these appear like ‘HOBBY’ type of stickers to me except that such freebees are being offered by the Australian Postal Service instead of a private/public organization that takes pride in its own country. We get a ton of these kind of beautiful stickers in the mail for free from various US charity organizations that are intended to be used on ‘Postal Envelopes’ to promote various worthwhile causes: Holidays, wildlife, scenic landmarks, pets, children welfare etc -just to name a few and of course, the US flag. Honestly, there isn’t any intent of undermining the Australian PS effort -which is wonderful but associated realities in other countries need to be told.

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