Where is Philatellic Bureau Gurgaon?

By Anil Kr Pujara

\"postWith much fanfare India Post declared with effect from 01.03.2014, 13 new Philatellic Bureaus will be opened n no of Bureaus in India will get increased from 68 to 81. Though few could understand the logic behind selection of Locations i mean new centers for opening of Philatellic Bureaus but the move was welcomed by and large by philatellic Fraternity across thge countryt.

But even after lapse of 24 days, Gurgaon Philatellic Bureau is no where in existence. Even the place is not selected what to talk of opening of Bureau. Even the staff at Head Post Office at Gurgaon is not aware also about any such proposal of opening of Bureau at Gurgaon. The more irony is that even staff at DPS Gurgaon is also not aware of it. Anyway when I could manage to speak to DPS Gurgaon, I was told that efforts are on to open it at the earliest possible.  Typical Bureaucratic reply. I had big reason to have a hearty laugh. India Post n DoP ARE REALLY GREAT.

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One Response to Where is Philatellic Bureau Gurgaon?

  1. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Every citizen rather say the whole country is struggling…. the eye-wash type attitude of bureaucracy persists every where…. every body feels himself a ‘BECHARAA’ (helpless/hopeless) in this country…. Now even God can not make them responsible…

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