Royal Mail will Issue Commemorative Sheet on 350 Years of The Royal Marine

Royal Mail issues a Commemorative Sheet to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines.  10 iconic images from the history of the Royal Marines sit alongside First Class Union Jack stamps. The sheet costs £14.95 and is available online at and at selected Post Offices across the UK.

\"royalRoyal Mail celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines, a key part of the UK’s Naval Service, with the release of a Commemorative Sheet, available from 25 March 2014.The sheet, entitled ‘By Sea, By Land’, contains 10 images of important milestones in the history of the Royal Marines, sitting alongside First Class Union Jack stamps. Five of the images are painted drawings and five are photographs. The five painted images depict the Birth of the Corps, Wars of Independence, Australia, the Marines of Trafalgar and the Victorian Marines whilst the photographs show important scenes from the First World War, the Second World War, the Falklands, the Corps today and the Band Service.

 As the UK’s Commando Forces and the Royal Navy’s amphibious troops, the Royal Marines protect the nation’s interests around the world at times of war and peace. From early service on ships during the 17th and 18th centuries, through to valiant participation in most conflicts throughout their long history, and their ongoing duties today, the Royal Marines are highly trained, tough, resilient – and ready to serve.

 The Royal Marines can trace their lineage to 28 October 1664, when an Order-in-Council was issued calling for 1,200 soldiers to be recruited for service in the Fleet. The regiment has been disbanded at times of peace but reformed when the need has arisen. In 1704, during the war with France and Spain, 1,900 Marines captured and subsequently defended Gibraltar for nine months. To this day, the Royal Marines display the battle honour ‘Gibraltar’ on their Corps Crest.Marines served with great distinction throughout the Napoleonic Wars and in 1802 King George III granted the Corps the honour of being styled ‘Royal’. During the Crimean War (1853-1856), three Royal Marines were awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry that British service personnel can attain. During the First World War, Royal Marines served throughout the Fleet and were present at every major naval action of the war leading to the award of five more Victoria Cross awards. Throughout the Second World War, many Royal Marines served afloat as part of ships’ detachments and fought defensive actions in Norway, Crete, Burma, Malaya and Singapore in the early part of the war. 17,000 Royal Marines were involved in the D-Day landings in June 1044.

 After 1945 the Corps went through notable change and the Royal Marines took on the sole responsibility for the UK’s Commando role and training. Since the Second World War, Royal Marines have seen active service in Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Cyprus, Suez, Borneo, Radfan, Aden, Northern Ireland, the South Atlantic, the Balkans, the Arabian Gulf, Sierra Leone, Iraq and most recently Afghanistan.Today, the Royal Marines are fully integrated with the Royal Navy’s amphibious ships and can be deployed globally, gather offshore and launch into action from Royal Navy ships to conduct operations on land or at sea.


Feature Type/Detail
Number of stamps 10 x 1st Class Union Flag stamp based on an original design by Dick Davies, featuring an illustration by Anton Morris.
Pack and Commemorative Sheet design Sophie Paynter
Sheet Format A4
Stamp Format Portrait
Stamp Size 20mm x 24mm
Printer International Security Printers
Print Process Lithography
Perforations Die – cut simulated
Phosphor Bars as appropriate
Gum Self-adhesive

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