New Stamps of Luxembourg

100 years of the Luxembourg Red Cross 

\"luxembourgSince 1914, the Luxembourg Red Cross has continuously expanded its activities in order to offer as much help as possible to the most vulnerable people, both nationally and internationally.The mission of the Luxembourg Red Cross is to help vulnerable people to live independently and with dignity. By mobilizing human solidarity, it acts in an exemplary, efficient and responsible way to rescue those in distress and prevent situations of material, health and social vulnerability, both in Luxembourg and abroad. The Luxembourg Red Cross acts in accordance with the fundamental principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

LASEP’s 50th anniversary

\"luxembourgFollowing the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, the COL (Luxembourg Olympic Circle) organized a round table aimed at promoting sport in schools. Ady Pierrard, a teacher in the city of Luxembourg, had the idea of organizing extracurricular sports in schools, following the example of USEP, similar organization in France and LASEL existing in Luxembourg’s secondary schools.

LASEP (Sports League of Primary Schools) was officially founded on 23 January 1964. Its first president was Leon Bollendorf. In 1977, the Ministry of Sports made a fully furnished office available to LASEP in Luxembourg-Pulvermuhl. In 1993, LASEP received the keys to its new registered office in Luxembourg-Gare, and at the end of 2006, LASEP’s General Secretariat moved to the “Maison des Sports” in Strassen.Today, LASEP can be proud of its 50 years of “multisport” and recreational activities full of drive and enthusiasm, for students aged between 3 and 12 years attending primary school in Luxembourg.

100 years of scouting in Luxembourg

Impressed by Baden Powell’s basic ideas of scouting and by the philosophical leanings of its supporters, from 1913, the teacher Joseph Tockert, became firmly committed to launching the scouting movement in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.In 1914, the first true group of boy scouts, “Les Eclaireurs de l’Athenee”, took shape.

In 1922, the FNEL (National Federation of Luxembourg Scouts) became a founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the world’s largest youth movement.Today, the National Federation of Scouts and Guides forms a large group of peers: it has 2,500 active members, both girls and boys, aged from 6 to 26, located throughout the country in 27 local groups.Scouts are committed to the FNEL’s motto: Together creating a better world! The FNEL is a secular scouting movement, it teaches moral and ethical values based on free thought and mutual tolerance.As a non-formal educational movement, its mission is to pass on the values of SOLIDARITY, TOLERANCE and DEMOCRACY to young people.

Ligue HMC‘s 50th anniversary

Ligue HMC, founded in 1963, works towards the social, cultural and professional integration of mentally handicapped people.Ligue HMC’s services and facilities are adapted to the needs and abilities of people with disabilities and are aimed at tailoring support in view of developing the independence of the people concerned: training, work, sheltered workshops, accommodation, daycare, recreational activities, meetings and counselling services.All those involved in Ligue HMC- the mentally handicapped people, staff and volunteers – work together to promote the association’s evolution through innovative projects and to defend the rights of people with disabilities.Together, they embrace the common values of well-being, independence, citizen participation, responsibility and mutual respect.

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