Philatelic Exhibition Nagaland

\"nagalandThe study of history, the growth and working of postal services in the world is a very informative and interesting subject, similarly, the hobby of philately and the study of stamps. Nagaland Governor, Dr Ashwani Kumar acknowledged this at the inaugural function of Nagaland Philatelic Exhibition 2014 (NAGAPEX-14) at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School Kohima on March 7. Philately and stamp collection are rare hobbies, but realizing its importance and to popularize the hobby of stamp collection among young children through workshops, lectures etc., Postal Services, Nagaland, organized the event.

The Governor also requested for bringing out a stamp and a special cover to highlight the services of Naga women.  “I think there is a need for us to acknowledge the contribution of women in Naga society, in Naga family, and in Naga economy and agriculture,” the Governor stated. “The Naga women have occupied many positions of eminence and faced many hardships in the past. I think we need to recognize their contribution…”

In the past, he said, sending messages, letters or other forms of communication was not only difficult and expensive, but only the rich and powerful could afford to do so. However, things changed with the introduction of the tiny postage stamp, the concept which was brought about by a school teacher, Rowland Hill, in England in 1837. The concept was implemented in 1840 with the introduction of a stamp costing one penny. Thereafter, the concept of prepaid postage was also introduced, the Governor said.  According to Dr. Ashwani Kumar, the most important result of the postal service was that even ordinary citizen could send a letter at an extremely inexpensive price.

Meanwhile, director, Postal Services, Nagaland, Som Kamei in his welcome address stated that philately is a hobby which does not involve much money, but the rarest and famous stamps can be worth millions. Moreover, “it teaches us about our history, famous personalities, our culture, our flora and fauna.”(Source-morungexpress)orms of communication,prepaid postage,postal service.

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