India Post is not recognizing its Own Philatelic Bureaus in Port Blair and Ranchi

By Anil Kr Pujara

\"portRecently I got a print of internal circular issued by India Post duly signed by Sh Gaurav Srivastav, Asstt DIirector General (Philatelly) wherein the details of all Philatelic Bureaus are given therein  vis a vis the details/no of Desk Calendars have been supplied for sale. Out of anxiety, I started reading the list of 68 Bureaus. I found that names of 2 Philatelic bureaus as of 1.1.2014 are mentioned i.e. DURGAPUR(SR. NO.24) and AURANGABAD at sr. no.(11). Wonderful. As far as I know there is no Philatelic bureau in DURGAPUR EVEN TODAY n PHILATELIC BUREAU AT AURANGABAD IS INAUGURATED ON 1.3.2014\"list\"

More confusing is that the names of two Bureaus i.e. RANCHI n Port Blair are not included in the list. Are these two Bureaus closed or not under India Post.It is very sad state of affairs. The official as high as ASSTT. DIRECTOR GENERAL(PHILATELY) in India Post does not know what he is signing or where Bureaus exist or functioning in India. If this is the state of affairs then what better u can expect.

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4 Responses to India Post is not recognizing its Own Philatelic Bureaus in Port Blair and Ranchi

  1. Vijay Kumar Jain says:

    Hon’ble pujara ji,
    Bureau at Aurangabad opened on 1 mar 2014 not on 1 jan 2014 as you have mentioned.
    However list of Philately bureau is easily available on India Post website then why waste energy in correspondence with ADG.As far as mistake is concerned SSPO, Jaipur city dn has presented various false affidavits which are enough to expose the department.

  2. g. ramkumar says:

    regarding philatelic bureau at portblair H.O at one time i asked for details of stamps available with them for ordering through making a complaint 100054 98778 dtd. 5/10/2013 for which i got the information as i will be informed through e-mail address for which i have not received any information till date. request for information was made by me in the form of a complaint because of there is no other provision to contact a philatelic bureau except in the form of complaint. this is applicable to all the philatelic bureaus in india. and where there exists a e-mail address the enquiry what we make goes directly to a dust bin. at least they reply for a complaint that we make. further to this if we look for any provision in the complaint list related to contacting philatelic bureau we will be disappointed and the option to be made as complaint for others. another example contact for dak bhavan 100054 99507 dt. 6/10/2013

  3. Rajesh Pareek says:

    This is highly surprising and funny…. But in our country ‘Might is Right’ is prevalent every where…. There is lack willingness… no one can make the system perfect until and unless the authorities are commited…. Thanks Pujaraji…

  4. Sandeep says:

    Unfortunately, due to esoteric nature of the hobby, the Philately wing cannot become the blue-eyed boy of Postal departments – anywhere in the world!
    Example: the Philatelic Census 2012 on this website reported only around 500 active philatelists in India. Perhaps to some extent, foreign philatelists also support Indian Philately (in same fashion, FIIs do to our stock markets).
    In a situation like this, how to expect that an outcry from the philatelists could even become a crawling louse on the ear of Postal departments?

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