Korea Issued \’Larva\’ Stamps

\"larvaKorea Post unveiled a special set of stamps on 27th February 2014 featuring the pair of red and yellow slugs. It has been introducing a series of stamp sets since 2011 featuring local animation characters.The characters of “Larva” are featured on its fourth, following “Pororo,” “Pucca” and “Robocar Poli.” The Larva stamps are issued in the form of stickers featuring: the insatiable and idiotic yet multi-faceted Yellow; Red, a quick-tempered and radical but skillful greedy head; Pink, whose charming face hides a great strength; Brown, an unconventional dung beetle, keen on collecting his precious dung; Black, a beetle of superhuman strength with deadly force and punch; and Prussian, a parrot which, looking down from above, smacks of a nasty, bossy force. Additionally, included on the margin of the stamps are various kinds of stickers that can be used in conjunction with the stamps.

A total of 10 kinds of stamps have the two main characters Yellow and Red, and their bug friends. Additional stickers for decoration are also included in the set.First appearing in 2011 on national network KBS and cable TV, the short, slapstick episodes have become one of the most popular 3D cartoons on television. They are refreshing the Korean animation scene, which has been overflowing with children’s cartoons without works adults might appreciate.The animation has been broadcast in 97 countries.

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